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Orangatang Wheels Uk

orangatang wheels uk

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orangatang wheels uk - ORANGATANG Longboard

ORANGATANG Longboard Wheels STIMULUS 70mm 86a YELLOW

ORANGATANG Longboard Wheels STIMULUS 70mm 86a YELLOW

70mm STIMULUS 42mm Contact Patch / Happy Urethane Yellow - 86a - Nice & Slidey. Designed for Freeriding: Grippy when needed with the consistent slide charachteristics; a good all around wheel. Offset Design and a relatively wide contact patch for grip. Rounded inner and outer lips witha stiff flex for clean slide initiation and smooth, chatter-free slides. Stone ground surface for consistent slides out of the box and more consisten wear over the life of the wheel. 70mm is the all around size for quick acceleration and enhanced control.

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Orangatang at Chester Zoo 2009 curiously observing something,

Orangatang Inheat purple 83a prototypes

Orangatang Inheat purple 83a prototypes

Orangatang Inheat purple 83a prototypes using a new core.

orangatang wheels uk

orangatang wheels uk

Orangatang Stimulus Yellow Wheels 70mm (Set of 4)

Versatile freeride wheels designed to grip when wanted and to slide smoothly and consistently when desired, Orangatang Stimulus longboard wheels are intended for grippy, hard carving and consistent, controlled slides. Featuring wide contact patches to provide dependable grip (especially without sharp lips to dig in with), Stimulus wheels are still intended to slide, so they are noticeably narrower than a slalom/race wheel (ie. the 4 Presidents and In Heats). Refined inner and outer lip round over radii and the face shapes to dial in the flex and increase speed (by removing excess swing weight). Orangatang has created a really unique and kick-ass wheel with these freerides that will greatly expand what can be done on a skateboard. 70mm tall with a Contact patch (width of wheel in contact with ground). Intended to enhance the current caliber of freeride longboard riding.

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