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Coats 1050 Wheel Balancer

coats 1050 wheel balancer

  • Balancer are a hybrid breed of beef cattle, a combination of Gelbvieh and Angus. These cattle are bred for their hybrid vigour, resulting in a higher growth rate and better quality meat.

  • an acrobat who balances himself in difficult positions

  • halter: either of the rudimentary hind wings of dipterous insects; used for maintaining equilibrium during flight

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  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

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coats 1050 wheel balancer - Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver

Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver

Three independently flexing rotary heads with a 360 degree range of motion
Triple Track shaving heads offer 50% more shaving surface for a faster and closer shave
Dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts hair to cut it comfortably below skin level, for an ultra close shave
Pivoting Head for a Smooth, Close Shave
Also Includes Charging Stand, Cleaning Brush
Washable, Easy to Clean
Battery low indicator and full charge indicator

Offering a 360 degree swiveling shaving head and a state-of-the art sleek design, arcitec is the most advanced Philips Norelco shaver yet. Compared to other Philips Norelco shavers, arcitec offers new flex & pivot technology, a more aerodynamic design, and an advanced tube trimmer.
The unique flex & pivot technology delivers an exceptionally close shave. Three individually flexing shaving heads are connected by a ball joint system making them swivel, rotate, and pivot with a full range of motion. The maneuverability allows arcitec to adjust to the contours of your face ensuring optimum skin contact and a closer shave -- even on the neck. The new arcitec Shaver is designed to push the boundaries of shaving and to conquer those hard to shave areas.
The arcitec 1050 comes encased in a premium black lacquered shell. Drawing inspiration from high fashion, the razor is loaded with black chrome and metal accents. A true state-of-the-art look.
Cutting edge innovation doesn't stop with the shaver. Now you can recharge your shaver while you store it, with the Power Pod travel case that plugs into the wall and protects your investment. While at home, you can recharge your shaver in its sleek stand and show off this modern addition to your bathroom shelf.
For those sideburns, goatees and moustaches, the new patented precision tube trimmer cuts hairs closer to the skin. This improved performance is due to the tube cutting system moving back and forth capturing every hair. All of these improvements and new introductions make it possible for you to conquer your neck to look and feel your best! Chart your course with the new Philips Norelco arcitec and be confident you're getting a perfectly close shave -- even on the neck.
Flex and Pivot Technology: Three independently flexing heads in a shaving unit that swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion. This ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas, to catch even the most problematic hairs on your neck for a perfectly close shave, even in the hard to shave places.
State-of-the-Art Design: arcitec's 'central drive' technology makes it possible to design an ultra-slim ergonomic body that fits snugly in your hand -- making it more comfortable to hold and effortless to use. The central drive technology connects all rotary blades to the shaving motor using only one spindle (axle) for a more comfortable grip.
Triple Track Shaving Heads: with up to 50% more shaving surface for a faster, smoother, closer shave. The Philips arcitec has more blades than traditional single-track shaving heads for more chances to catch and cut hair on every stroke. So you don't have to go over the same area to get a really close shave.
Superior Lift & Cut® Technology: The dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts hair to cut it comfortably below skin level, for an ultra close shave.
Advanced Tube Trimmer: Extends out from the body of the shaver -- perfect for trimming your sideburns, goatee, moustache -- then slide it back into the shaver to keep that sleek clean look! The new patented precision tube trimming technology lets you cut off hairs closer to the skin. The outer tube has slots to catch hairs and the inner tube oscillates to cut these hairs.
Precision Cutting System: Ultra-thin heads have slots to catch longer hairs and holes to shave short stubble. The stainless steel shaving heads are made very thin so they lie closer than ever against your skin to reach every hair.
Washable: Simply rinses clean in seconds -- for the ultimate in convenience.
Other standard features include:
Multi-Purpose Display: Battery Full and Charging Indicators, Shaving Head Replacement and Cleaning Indicator
Charging Stand
Power Pod Charging Storage Case (ideal for travel)
Fully charges in 1-hour for up to 65 minutes of shave time or 21 days of cord-free shaving
3-Minute Quick Charge
Automatic Worldwide Voltage
Electronic On/Off Switch
Hair Collection Chamber
Protective Razor Cap
Cleaning Brush
Every Philips Norelco shaver has a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a Full Two-Year Warranty.

84% (18)

Egyptian Viceregal Coat of Arms Attributed to Mohamed Ali Pasha the Great

Egyptian Viceregal Coat of Arms Attributed to Mohamed Ali Pasha the Great

This coat of arms dates back to the Mohamed Ali Pasha era. It is one of four bronz arms that adorn the pavilion at the Choubra Palace. The escutcheon (Gules or red with a crescent Argent surmounted by three stars, also Argent). The escutcheon is superimposed on a trophy of arms (pistols, cannons, two tugs, lances, spears...etc. The escutchen is also ensigned by a sabre and Mohamed Ali's fez. Courtesy of Mr. Ahmed Kamel. Photo taken by Rania El-Sayed.



Vintage coat. $12.50. Bought with much encouragement from Melynda.

I can't post pics of the rest of the stuff because it's for a friend of mine who's known to drop by.

coats 1050 wheel balancer

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